Boarding Schools near London

Is it a good idea to send your child to a boarding school near London? This is one question that many parents have to grapple with. To help you make up your mind let us first look at the pros of such a school. The first is the ease and availability of transport. This is especially relevant for students who are coming in from overseas. London is England’s transport hub – your plane will land there and if the school that you choose is nearby you will be able to get there fast. If, however, you choose a school that is far way you may find yourself faced with several rail connections or a long drive. In fact, so long as the school that you choose is near London your child can make it to school and back home on their own – the school will provide them transport to and from the airport on relevant days.

The other benefit of having your child near London is that they are close to one of the biggest cultural centres in the world. Good boarding schools organize for excursions where children can visit museums and other cultural centres and learn much more than they would in the classroom. Schools that are far away may not be able to enjoy such excursions.

As for the cons of sending your child to a school that is near London, the biggest is focus. London is a city with many attractions and teenagers can be easily distracted. If the school offers weekends out your child may fall into the wrong company and this will affect their final result.

If you are determined to send your child to a boarding school near London and you want them to excel you should find one where students are supervised at all times such as The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies.

Driving Tuition Guide for a Beginner in Norwich

Perhaps you want to buy a car or maybe you are planning to seek work as a driver. Whatever your reason is, you have to go to a driving school and learn all there is to know about driving a car. Driving tuition in Norwich is offered to all interested individuals provided that they are eager to learn and comply with the few regulations that pertain to the discipline.

What do you need to Enrol in the Driving Tuition Class?

Before you register for a driving class in Norwich, it’s important to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be of legal age (usually 18+). As for teenagers, they need the consent of an adult to learn to drive.
  • Be able to identify and read the details of a car number plate that is 20 metres away. If need be, you can use contact lenses or glasses.
  • Have a valid Id to help in the processing of the driver’s license once you are approved to drive.

What Can You Expect During the Driving Tuition?

Initially, you’ll be taken through a classroom session where you’ll be taught the rules that govern driving in Norwich. You’ll also be enlightened on the basics of car driving. This includes the guides that dictate driving an automatic car and ones that affect the manual car. After this, you’ll be taken to the field to apply what you’ve learned in the classrooms. First, expect to be a temporary passenger until your instructor gives you the go ahead when it’s safe to drive. You’ll be taken through all the basic control features as you learn how to use them.

With consistent practice, you’ll learn how to drive on your own after you are done with the driving tuition in Norwich. Once you learn how to drive, you’ll notice how exciting the action is when you do it responsibly.